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Nashville General Hospital Mission


To improve the health and wellness of Nashville by providing equitable access to coordinated patient-centered care, supporting tomorrow’s caregivers, and translating science into clinical practice.


Leader in exceptional community healthcare -  “One neighbor at a time.”


Compassion to those we serve and to each other.
Honesty and integrity in all we say and do.
Accountability to society, our community & each other.
Respect and dignity for all human kind.
Teamwork to achieve our vision, mission and values.

Nashville’s Dedicated Hospital

Nashville General began as the 60-bed "City Hospital," the city's first full-fledged medical facility. It opened April 23, 1890 and was described at the time in a city report as a "model of architectural beauty." It cost $30,000.  Each room had an iron bed and a chair. "Dumb waiters" hoisted food and supplies to the floors, while laundry chutes took away soiled sheets and pneumatic tubes helped the nurses send notes and charts. Horse-drawn ambulances rushed the injured or dying there. Its first five full months of operation produced $961 in revenue. Officials hoped for more during the winter months when local medical schools that helped support it - the University of Nashville and the University of Tennessee - would be in session. The first administrator, Dr. Charles Brower, quickly recognized a dire need for qualified nurses. As a result, in 1891 a training school for nurses was born, the only such school between the Ohio River and New Orleans. Miss Charlotte E. Perkins, the bright head nurse Brower had recruited from Pennsylvania, operated it. Her experience had included working at large British hospitals. The nursing school she began functioned until 1970. A new addition to General followed in 1913, followed by a pediatric ward in 1914. Another expansion completed in 1932 helped bring the average daily number of patients to 188 by 1934.  By 1980, General had 700 employees, including 191 nurses, 64 staff physicians and 181 doctors on its visiting staff. General Hospital relocated in January 1998 to the former Meharry-Hubbard Hospital building on Albion Street.  The former emergency room on Hermitage Avenue was used for a while as Metro Primary Care Center, but that is no longer present.  Today, Nashville General Hospital has grown into a robust healthcare delivery system, with a range of adult primary and specialty care services.  Our commitment to Nashville remains unchanged, and we remain a steadfast symbol of hope - providing access to affordable, high-quality healthcare for all.

Hospital Authority of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee

The Metropolitan Hospital Authority statute, codified at Tenn. Code Ann. 7-57-101, et seq., provides that the Hospital Authority shall be governed by a Board of Trustees. The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to administer and control hospitals owned and/or operated by the Hospital Authority of the Metropolitan Government. The Board of Trustees, through the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital Authority, shall exercise all the administrative functions pertaining to the operation of Nashville General Hospital at Meharry (“NGH”) and its related facilities, which the Hospital Authority owns, maintains, or operates for the examination, treatment and convalescence of individuals who are sick or injured. 

Meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the Nashville General Hospital Board Room. The Hospital Authority Board of Trustees' meeting agendas can be found here.   


  • Dr. Shindana Feagins (Representing: Doctor of Medicine), Chair
  • Mr. Richard Manson, Vice-Chair
  • Ms. Alex Fisher, Secretary
  • Dr. Howard Burley (Representing: Doctor of Psychiatric Medicine)
  • Mr. Rangaraj Ramanujam
  • Ms. Denise Sadler (Representing: Registered Nurse)
  • Rev. Ed Sanders
  • Dr. Bonnie Slovis (Reprsenting: Doctor of Medicine)
  • Pastor Frank Stevenson 
  • Mr. Joel Sullivan

Nashville General Hospital Foundation Board


  • Woods Wellborn, Chair
  • Tené Franklin, Secretary
  • Glenn M. Bradley
  • Shan Carpenter
  • Dawn Crumel, Esq.
  • Rev. Enoch Fuzz
  • Rev. James J. Green
  • Ellyn M. Jansen
  • Kim Looney
  • Lauren Reese
  • Kathy Pennington
  • Lyn Plantinga
  • Ryan Rothrock
  • Jessica Williams
  • Dr. Joseph Webb, ex-officio
  • Vernon Rose, Executive Director

Executive Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Bullock
Chief Medical Officer
Bruce Naremore CFO
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Veronica Elders, MSN, RN
Chief Nursing Officer
Dorothy Bennett, MBA, RN | Chief Ambulatory Services Officer
Chief Ambulatory Services Officer
Chief Quality Officer
 Melanie Thomas, MBA
Chief Business Development / Information Officer
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
Eric Stephens, MBA, CAP
Chief Analytics Officer
General Counsel
Chief Marketing Officer
Vernon Rose
Executive Director, Nashville General Hospital Foundation