Make an Appointment

Prepare for your Appointment

Plan to arrive about 30 minutes before your appointment to allow time for COVID-19 screening, complete any necessary forms and ask questions you may have before your appointment.

Here are a few items you will want to bring to your appointment:

  • Photo ID
  • Health insurance card
  • Prescription insurance card
  • Referral or authorization forms, if applicable
  • Your current medications and supplements in their original containers (or a list that includes dosage information)
  • Any outside medical records, X-rays, or prior test results not taken at Nashville General Hospital, if applicable
  • A list of questions you have for your doctor (that way you won't forget during your visit)

Remember to follow any directions about food and drink before your appointment, or your lab test may have to be rescheduled


Physician Referrals

Specialty Providers

Nashville Healthcare Center is accepting new and existing patients in all of our specialty clinics. To refer a patient, please complete the New Appointment Request Form and fax it to our Referrals Department at 615-341-4498 for your patient to be scheduled. You can also reach our dedicated Referrals team by phone at 615-341-4720 to schedule or check on the status of a patient.

Outpatient Imaging

The NGH Outpatient Imaging Center offers a full range of imaging and diagnostic tests to provide your care team with clear imaging and high-quality captures to reliably assess your health.  To refer a patient, please email:

Patient Referrals

Patients can self-refer for a regular, annual mammogram. A referral form from a physician is not required. A referral or order from your primary care provider is preferred to allow us to notify your PCP of your results.