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“If you are serious about your health and willing to give up the things that are making you sick, I can work with you to improve your health and transform your life.”
– Dr. Kevin Billups


Dr. Kevin Billups is a Urologist who has dedicated his career to Men’s Health and Sexual Medicine for the past 30 years. His life's goal is to empower men to transform their health and proactively act to prevent chronic medical conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and depression) that are major contributors to suffering and early death. To accomplish this goal, he uses sexual medicine (erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency) to engage men into the healthcare system.

Dr. Billups believes that sexual health is both a primary driver of behavioral change for men and the foundation to develop a novel Men's Health clinical practice focused on prevention, early detection and treating chronic disease He is a strong advocate for using lifestyle changes around food and movement as an integral part of his Men’s Health practice. Dr. Billups believes that through education you can engage men and empower them to ultimately improve overall health, longevity, performance and quality of life.

Common Procedures/Specialties

Metabolic Health
Erectile Dysfunction
Testosterone Deficiency

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