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Accredited by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, the Cancer Center provides quality care for patients with cancer/hematologic disorders, sickle cell disease, neurologic disorders or renal failure.We serve patients 18 and older by providing chemotherapy, blood and blood product transfusion, monoclonal antibody treatment, erthropoeitin injections, pamidronate infusion, therapeutic phlebotomy, clinic consultation and routine follow-up. Supervised by a Master Level Clinical Specialist with Advanced Oncology Certification and experienced nurses certified in cancer chemotherapy, the clinic honors its namesake, whose commitment to quality of life for his patients was paramount. The  Dr. Robert E. Hardy Cancer Survivorship Celebration was established in 2008 to honor our cancer survivors and their family.  This event is held the first Sunday in June each year.


1818 Albion St
Nashville, TN 37216

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