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Nashville General Hospital at Meharry (NGH), is a 150-bed licensed hospital committed to both providing excellent healthcare and achieving a goal of 100% access to health care and zero disparity between populations.

The city-owned community hospital provides Davidson County residents an array of sophisticated healthcare services, state-of-the-art technology and a compassionate, caring staff.  Nashville General Hospital serves as the primary teaching hospital for Meharry Medical College. Joint Commission accredited, NGH readily accommodates a wide range of acute care needs, including a post-operative surgical floor, medical floor, adult and neonatal intensive care units and full OB/Gyn services. The medical and surgical staffs are dedicated to providing comprehensive, high quality care to patients
and their families. 

First opening as City Hospital on April 23, 1890, on Hermitage Avenue, Nashville General Hospital relocated to the Meharry campus in January 1998.  The relocation highlights the blending of two rich medical histories to provide one of the best healthcare facilities in the area.