CHEN: Congregational Health and Education Network

CHEN Mission & Goal

The mission of CHEN is to reduce the health disparities among Nashville's African American community by elevating education attainment and health literacy through faith-based partnership. 

Our goal is to do this in the marginalized communities of the greater Nashville area, serving their congregational needs both individually and collectively. 


CHEN Membership Benefits

CHEN members receive:

  1. Support from their peers within our network of clergy leaders representing Nashville’s diverse faith communities.
  2. Social service resources and programs (e.g. housing assistance, Allied Health training, and health literacy support) for the represented congregations.
  3. Direct access to health education from the trusted expertise of Nashville General Hospital, to further promote health literacy.

CHEN Leadership

Kristin Clarkson, MHA, is a professional with a demonstrated history in serving the community both personally and professionally, dedicated to the work of improving health equity in marginalized communities. She received her B.A. in Biology from Fisk University and Master of Health Administration from Walden University. Currently, Kristin is continuing her education at Walden University by pursuing a doctorate in Public Health. Kristin is a member of several professional, academic, and community organizations, including Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society, the Young Leaders Council, and most recently served as a Junior Board member at the YWCA.

She currently serves as the Director of the Congregational Health & Education Network (CHEN), cultivating culturally inclusive engagement opportunities through diverse faith-based and community partnerships that contribute to equitable outcomes.

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Clergy Visitation Policy

Pursuant to hospital policy, all faith leaders are required to sign-in at the NGH Information Desk to identify their purpose before visiting a patient. Faith Leaders may have access to parishioners outside of regular visitation hours. Faith Leaders may not visit other patients/staff/families or proselytize anyone. Staff, physicians or families may invite a faith leader to interact with another patient for the purposes of spiritual or emotional support, if the occasion arises. Faith Leaders regularly visiting a patient at NGH may secure a Visiting Faith Leader Badge.

Please download a copy of our Clergy Visitation Guide before visiting Nashville General Hospital.

Clergy Visitation Guide