Public Posting of Hospital Standard Charges

Nashville General Hospital is pleased to provide a copy of portions of its "Charge Master", which is its ongoing price or list of charges for various hospital services and procedures.  As you review the document, note that this list is a living document, meaning that from time to time our hospital updates the prices for services and procedures based on several factors including, for example, the costs we incur in obtaining those services.  We have crafted this list to focus on the highest volume procedures, rather than listing every single procedure or service. Listing everything would create a huge, unmanageable document.  Finally, please note that the listed prices include a 40% discount for patients who do not have insurance and must pay the bill themselves.

If you cannot find a specific charge or price, or have a question about a charge, please email us your question to: We will seek to answer your question by the end of the next business day.

To access the document, please click here.




Thanks to Astellas Pharma USA, Nashville General Hospital is pleased to offer no-cost prostate cancer screenings for men ages 40 to 75 who have not had a prostate screening in the last 12 months (copays will not be incurred).  Call 615-341-4227 for an appointment. 

No Cost Prostate Screening