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Congregational Health and Education Network CHEN
The mission of CHEN is to achieve health equity in Nashville through the alignment of strengths and assets of faith-based organizations, academic institutions and hospitals while addressing education as the primary social determinant of health.
Nashville General Hospital established the Congregational Health and Educational Network (CHEN)  to create resources for the underserved of our community towards further educational attainment. CHEN represents a community-focused collaborative that bridges the gap between education and health, via local congregations. Additionally, CHEN encourages ongoing opportunities to provide unique education and/or health programming to the underserved. 
The CHEN framework is a unique collaboration of institutions and organizations with a wealth of resources/assets and the ability to:

  • Engage CHEN members in opportunities to create programs and share resources towards mission achievement
  • Connect CHEN participants with a central resource to assist with activating programs and initiatives, while avoiding duplicative efforts
  • Participate in intra-framework learning collaboratives to maximize collaboration
  • Promote innovative solutions to social challenges to seek lasting impact
Outline of CHEN Membership Benefits
For more information please contact CHEN staff, as noted below.
2019-20 Membership Benefits for CHEN
Health education
  • Facilitating ongoing disease self-management skills
  • Offering Wellness Academy curriculum
  • Presenting seminars for spiritual professionals addressing key spiritual care issues
  • Sharing culturally appropriate health education

Annual Health screening for congregation

  • Providing no-cost screening for congregation
  • Initiating congregation’s health profile to drive Wellness Academy and NGH Access

Access to NGH clinics and services

  • Offering personalized patient navigation into NGH clinics

Healthcare Management for congregants

  • Providing connection to services and informal counseling

Education Toolkit

  • Building educational resource consisting of beneficial information for kindergarteners through college, given to congregations

Traveling Tech Days

  • Providing students with the opportunity to experience and learn about different technology companies and tech careers

Online Calendar Access

  • Promoting congregation events to the community through visibility on CHEN’s website

 Membership Communication

  • Disseminating quarterly newsletter
  • Initiating quick updates on high profile issues
CHEN Leadership
Tineciaa Harris is the Director of Community Health and Wellness at Nashville General Hospital. She has a Master of Science in Biological Sciences and a Master of Science in Public Health. She obtained her Public Health degree from Meharry Medical College. Prior to working at Nashville General, she managed a Clergy Wellness Initiative and Hispanic Outreach at St. Vincent’s Health System in Birmingham, AL.
"CHEN is a catalyst that propels the community into an opportunity to gain an optimum state of health. It bridges the pillars of  congregations, community, and healthcare into one connected source of well-being. "
The Reverend Omaràn DèVon Lee, Sr. is an ordained Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, he received a B.A. degree in English from Fisk University, Master of Divinity from Lipscomb University, and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Tennessee Valley Health System Veteran’s Affairs.  At present, he is serving as the Pastor of St. James AME in Nashville, Tennessee. He is also the Chaplain for Nashville General Hospital and the Membership Recruitment and Engagement Lead for CHEN.
"CHEN is essential to the community because: its aim is to holistically ensure the health of the community. "
Dana Marchetti is the CHEN Navigator. 
"CHEN is essential to our community to aid in reducing health disparities, provide an opportunity for no cost health screenings and to point the way to achieving healthy life styles."